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spacer What Our Customers Are Saying

The following are a few of the many actual, unsolicited messages we have received from users of our products:

1995 Camaro Z28 cable

To whom it may concern,
I would like to thank you for your product.  From the time I ordered to when it arrived was only 3 days!  Additionally, it performed exactly as advertised.  Within minutes of it arriving at my door I was able to load the software and get data from my car's computer.  Because I had the cable and programs, I was able to diagnose and repair a loose connection that would have cost hundreds of dollars at a garage even though no parts were required.
Once again, thank you.
RC, Georgia



ALDL Cable,
I just wanted to drop you a quick note saying thanks.  I ordered an OBD1 cable online late last Wednesday night.  I immediately received a confirmation email.  I was a bit worried about how long it would take to reach me.  I hoped for a week and expected to have it by this coming weekend.
It arrived at my door this past Saturday.  I plugged it in, and it worked with a freeware (TunerPro RT) I pulled from a link in your site for a $30 donation. 
I don't think I could have asked for any thing more.  Better info than a scanner.  I was able to isolate my problem to timing fluctuations in the closed loop operation of my computer in less than an hour of connecting, set up, driving and analysis.
I'm AM going to keep the $550+ I saved not buying a less powerful scanner.  But I might feel a little guilty about it.  
Thank you.  


Satisfied Customer!

Hi all,
Recently I purchased and OBD2 cable from you guys to use on my cars (order ####). It works pretty good! I've tried all the freeware tools that are listed on your site and all worked ... I do want to thank you for the great handy tool. The reason I had bought the tool was because I kept getting an SES light on my car (2002 Nissan Sentra SE-R) and I wanted to know what was wrong. My car kept getting a P0304 code and I tried to fix the problem myself but it turned out to be a bigger issue than I had previously thought. My engine needed to be replaced! Anyways, I was able to tell the dealer that my car had a P0304 error code "Cyl 4 Misfire" and they knew that they were dealing with an informed customer which led to a better experience at the dealership than previously before. 
I think you guys have a great product and look forward to future products.



OBD All-in-One Serial PC scan tool

I received this item, (OBD All-in-One Serial PC scan tool), today and am very happy. It works on all my cars.... even my 1995 Lincoln Continental. I have 3 vehicles from 2 different manufacturers...Plymouth Breeze (1997), Lincoln Continental (1995) and Ford Focus (2001). This product works on all of them. You wanted freedback and so I am sending you my results. Thanks guys your the best! 



Online Order

I received my order and used the hardware and software to view the OBD info in my RV.  Everything worked as advertised and I am very pleased with my purchase and your prompt shipping of the order.

Thank You


I received my OBD2 All-In-One Scan Tool w/ USB yesterday and I'm very impressed.  Your setup instructions were very clear and I appreciated having links to web sites to retrieve the latest USB drivers and software.

Thank you for providing a nice product and excellent service.




Very valuable good tool. I received my allinone
yesterday and scan two vehicles, 99 mercury villager-
found out 2 error codes, # 2 misfire and knock sensor
circuit faulty. I replaced plugs and clear misfiring,
still working on knock sensor coz location is
Scan my 96 camaro and found MAF low flow. remove air
clogged air filter and cleared error. Have to buy air
filter today and maybe replace the MAF.

Thanks for good tool and saving me a lot of money.

I love it.


Recent purchases

            Over the past month or so I purchased some equipment for OBD-I and OBD-II. Both products arrived within a few days of purchase and both products worked right out of the box. It is nice to do business with a company that delivers with what is on there web site. Keep up the good work.


great service!

Wow, I ordered an OBD1 cable late on Friday and it arrived in today's
mail. I left props for you on Corvette Forum



As Promised!

I received my All In One Scan Tool and it's everything you said it was!
It worked great. The software was of better quality than I expected and the instructions were quite clear.
You even had a tip in there with a few commands when using TeraTerm.
It solved my set up problem and on I went.
Hook up the cables, run the software, lights blink and flash and my check Engine light is off.
I'm quite pleased.
Thank you.


You Guys are Terrific

Thanks for the prompt replies (this is the second)!  Most sites don't reply at all, and you are a breath of fresh air!  I ordered the OBD2 All-In-One Scan Tool w USB via my yahoo account on Friday, and it arrived today.  You guys are terrific!!!!


MEFI Support

Bob & Ken,
I just wanted to take a minute to thank you guys.  We had problem with a password protected MEFI4a controller and, with your help, got another calibration that worked and then we were able to fine tune that calibration to do exactly what our customer wanted.  We were having some serious stress with the company that provided the controller and the original calibration.  I can honestly say your customer service far exceeded theirs; you were more help than they were in fixing THEIR problems.
It?s great to work with a company that is as helpful as you guys have been.  There are not enough companies out there with the kind of customer service you have provided to us.
Thanks again,


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