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spacer Delphi MEFI ECM Repair

Many problems with MEFI ECMs can be fixed with a repair of your ECM. The cost for this is significantly less than the cost of a replacement module. Repairs generally range between $100 and $500 vs a replacement for $1200 to $1700. Turn-around time is 1-2 days.

We CAN work on these:
mefi ecm repair 16159919 MEFI 1
16189069 MEFI 1
16220371 MEFI 1
16234539 MEFI 1

16210729 MEFI 2



mefi ecm fix 16237009 MEFI 3
16237019 CEFI 3
16236999 MEFI 3
12489488 MEFI 3
12489493 MEFI 3

12569494 MEFI 4
12575479 MEFI 4A
88962717 MEFI 4A
88962718 MEFI 4A
12584052 MEFI 4B



mefi ecm test 12597744 MEFI 5
12607802 MEFI 5A
12618020 MEFI 5B
12628090 MEFI 5C
12635518 MEFI 5D

12649040 MEFI 6
12642442 MEFI 6A
12654117 MEFI 6B

We CAN NOT work on these:
volvo egc ecm Volvo EGC (used 2006 & later)

Each ECM we receive is put through a functional test on our custom-built test system. Many ECM's test fine (the problem lies somewhere else in the system). In that case the diagnostic fee is about $80.

To have us diagnose and repair your ECM, please send it to:

OBD Diagnostics, Inc
2121 Ruhland Ave
Redondo Beach CA 90278

Please include your contact information (e.g. a business card) and a short note describing the symptoms you see. You can also include a pre-paid return shipping label if you want us to return the item on your UPS or FedEx account. We can ship any method you prefer.

Call Toll Free (USA Only) 888-469-3274

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