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Item#/Price Weight Qty Options
Custom MEFI Tuning
mefitune 0.05 lbs $500 ea

We can custom tune your MEFI controller. Call or email us with your specifics and we will give you an accurate quote. This service is based on you mailing us your MEFI controller, us modifying the calibration and programming your MEFI ecm, and mailing it back to you. Our price for a custom tune is $500.

We also do custom tuning if you are local to us in Southern California, or we are at your location.

Remote tuning

We can tune your controller remotely, anywhere in the world, if you have purchased our MEFIburnTM software and you have a high speed internet connection while connected to the vehicle you want tuned. You will be able to watch your laptop's screen as the MEFI calibration parameters are changed and saved. Clear descriptions of what is being done will be explained as it is happening. Our price for remote tuning is $500 to $600 depending on how long it takes. Call or email us for details.

OEM MEFI Calibration Updates

If you have upgraded your 5.0L to a 5.7L or 6.2L on your Volvo Penta or Mercruiser engine, it will run too lean, but the calibration can easily be updated. When going from a 305 to a 350 or 377 or bigger, the engine will flow more air and the stock fuel maps will not have adequate fueling. This applies to any of the OEM manufacturers calibrations when doing engine upgrades or modifications. Whether you have a Volvo Penta, Mercruiser, Indmar, Pleasurecraft, Crusader, Marine Power, or GM Performance Ramjet setup, we can do custom MEFI ECM reprogramming for you. Our price for calibration updates is $500. Call or email us for details.

MEFI Calibration Translation

If you have an existing MEFI calibration file, but have a different controller type and need the calibration translated, we have the capability to do this for you. For example, if you have a known good MEFI 4B calibration file, and have a MEFI 4A controller, we will translate that 4B file to a 4A and you can use it in your 4A controller. Our price for calibration translation is $100 per file. Call or email us for details.

Custom ECM Tuning

We have the knowledge and ability to tune many different engine controller types. We can do E67, E38, LS1, LT1 and a variety stock Delphi ECM and PCM controller types on a mail in or in person basis. If you have a GMPP E67 controller for an LS7, LS3, or LS2, we can make changes to it, such as correcting idle speed issues. We also do aftermarket systems such as Accel DFI, Motec, Haltech, etc, if you are local in Southern California or if we are at your location. Call or email us for details.


OBD Diagnostics, Inc assumes no liability for any type of damages resulting from the use of this tuning service. Incorrectly changed parameters have the potential to cause damage to your engine or vehicle. Please monitor the results to verify that changes made are what you wanted. Use modified engine calibrations at your own risk!

Call Toll Free (USA Only) 888-469-3274

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