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spacer MEFI Scan & Tune Professional Edition



Item# Media Weight Price Qty
MEFI Scan & Tune Professional Edition
mefipro-u USB Drive 0.37 lbs $1,895.00 ea
Upgrade MEFI Scan & Tune from Standard to Professional
stdproupg-u USB Drive 0.37 lbs $1,300.00 ea
Upgrade from MEFI Scan to MEFI Scan & Tune Pro
scanproupg-u USB Drive 0.37 lbs $1,700.00 ea

The MEFI Scan & TuneTM Professional version offers a complete solution for the shop doing complex tunes of MEFI controllers. Extensive tuning parameters (hundreds of them) are made available to the user for modification. While the volume of parameters included in this version may be overwhelming for the casual user, the professional will appreciate the level of detail and the ability to tune to the highest degrees of performance.

This complete kit allows you to:

  • Do real-time monitoring of the operation of a MEFI1, MEFI2, MEFI3, MEFI4, MEFI 4A or MEFI 4B system
  • Download the program inside the MEFI controller to your PC to either a .bin, .ptp, .asm, .umi, or .cal file format
  • Edit the operational parameters of the MEFI controller
  • Enter a controller password and/or blank out the controller memory.
  • Clear malfunction trouble codes
  • Convert files between .bin, .ptp, .asm, .umi, and .cal formats
  • Upload the program back into the MEFI controller

Included in the MEFI Scan & TuneTM Kit are:

  • The USB - MEFI Interface cable
  • A USB Stick containing all the software needed
  • Operating instructions


  • A MEFI 1, 2, 3, 4, 4A or 4B controller
  • The Kit Above
  • A PC or Laptop running Windows XP (any version), Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 2000, with a working USB port

Upgrades are available from our MEFI Scan and TuneTM Standard Edition and MEFI Scan products to the Professional Edition for just the difference in the price of the products. You have nothing to lose by trying the Standard Edition first then upgrading at a later date.


OBD Diagnostics, Inc assumes no liability for any type of damages resulting from the use of this system. You have the ability to change parameters which have the potential to cause damage to your engine. Please know what it is that you are modifying and monitor the results to verify you have made the changes you wanted to have made. Modify your engine parameters at your own risk!

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